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I'm Romy

I am an Interaction Design student from the Netherlands. I am currently pursing my MFA Interaction Design at Umeå Institute of Design in Northern Sweden. I am passionate about all things creative. Before finding my place in design I studied contemporary dance and creative expression is my lifeline. Besides all of this, I compete in the sport powerlifting, which is more empowering than anything else.

My personality

Since I was little I've always been ambitious and driven. Motivation and discipline have always been by my side and it's only since a few years that I am starting to be aware that this is a blessing. I enjoy reflecting on anything and everything. My brain enjoys analyzing situations, actions & people and this has helped me towards a level of self awareness that allows me to understand myself and my position in teams. I think my inter-social sensitivity is my biggest strength. Understanding and navigating team dynamics is something I naturally strive towards, and reflection is the biggest tool for that.

Not creating change, but creating space for change.

My story

Many designers have the desire to change the world. But isn't there much more power in inspiring & motivating users to create change themselves? I believe that we as designers have the ability to get people excited to change their ways, in small and big ways. The idea that I can inspire people to make their own lives better, lights a fire within me. Change is powerful, and I can't wait to see what I can help create.


Work Experience

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